Veyder-Malberg Schöner Riesling 2015


'Bottled with just 8.5% alcohol and 70 grams of residual sugar, the 2015 Schöner Riesling had to be classified as Wein auf Österreich, with no nearer specification of origin because this demands 9% alcohol. However, this is a beautiful cool-climate Riesling from the Spitzer Graben that comes form a vineyard next to the Bruck. The grapes ripen late here and Peter harvests them when first signs of botrytis are visible, this is when the thin skins turn pink and the first berries go into overripeness. Peter harvests the whole grape then, and does not select berry by berry. The resulting wine is bright, intense and precise on the nose, round, intense and sweet on the palate, but with a gorgeous mineral piquancy. It's a fascinatingly juicy and stimulating Riesling in the German Spätlese style. Fabulous.'

92+ Points – Stephan Reinhardt,


Brand Veyder-Malberg

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